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The cost of Calcurate is made up of an annual licence fee plus a one-off charge for each Calcurate package. There is a pricing structure based on the size and nature of your organisation.  Please contact us for a quote.

System Requirements

Calcurate is a collection of Microsoft Excel files and will therefore run on any computer with Windows and Microsoft Excel installed.

How to Buy

Please use the evaluation period to satisfy yourself that Calcurate meets your needs and that it is compatible with your PC and/or other IT systems.  Calcurate requires Windows and Microsoft Excel. IT Managers may wish to install Calcurate on a network system such as Citrix or a non-Windows operating system but we can not offer any support for this.

Please read the Calcurate User Agreement before ordering

Email us, or use the Contact Form, to tell us that you wish to order, and let us know which Calcurate Packages you require

Calcurate Agreement

This includes system requirements and other information.

Calcurate User Agreement

Calcurate Registered and Correspondence Address

Calcurate Ltd. is registered in England and Wales registered number 10062561.
Registered office 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

Why is there a picture of the Angel of the North?

The Angel of the North and Calcurate both appeared for the first time in Gateshead in 1998. When it was first created Calcurate was known as … (more)

What is Transitional Relief and how is Transitional Relief Calculated?


The Angel of the North against a purple sky | Calcurate Business Rates Software Calculator
Angel of the North sculpture silhouetted against a colourful purple sky at sunset, Gateshead,

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