Calcurate for Billing Authorities

Why do Billing Authorities use Calcurate?

Calcurate is an ideal supplement to your billing system as calculations involving Retail Relief, Transitional Certificates, Splits, Merges, R x J / S (R times J over S), can be tried before input to the main system.

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“Calcurate is an ideal product for checking any calculation related to Non Domestic Rates. We have used the package since its inception and never been disappointed. Where other bespoke systems have failed, Calcurate has always given an accurate and reliable calculation. Especially useful for backup audit and liability forecasting, it is simple to use and very dependable.”
Janet Merritt, Local Taxation Team Leader, Scarborough Borough Council



“Calcurate has become an invaluable tool used to confirm accuracy, especially when undertaking rateable value reductions, splits, mergers and transitional certificate amendments through our system.  Also Ideal for answering hypothetical questions from ratepayers who want to know the effect potential reliefs may have on their accounts.”
Neil Fawcett, Systems & Technical Team Leader, Hambleton District Council

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“Richard has been very supportive for the last few years we have been using the Calcurate system, in giving us his assistance; from small pointers to help with complex calculations. Calcurate is an invaluable tool for our five local authorities.”
Lucy Talbot, Team Manager, Anglia Revenues Partnership




“Calcurate is an exceptionally useful tool that we use to check high value refunds where transition applies. We have used the Calcurate product for a number of years and will continue to do so.”
James Skeldon, Revenues Manager,Revenue and Benefit Services, Dudley Council

Which Billing Authorities use Calcurate?

Although it was originally created for use by Rating Surveyors, Calcurate is also used by many Billing Authorities such as:

Scarborough BC

Hambleton DC

Darlington BC

Breckland Council

Bassetlaw DC

Epsom & Ewell BC

Derby City Council

Dudley MBC

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Cambridgeshire District Council


Forest Heath District Council

Fenland District Council

St Edmundsbury Borough Council

Sheffield City Council

Suffolk Coastal District Council

Surrey Heath Borough Council

Waveney District Council


Here are some comments from users on NNDR Teams:

“Useful for hypothetical reduction calculations. Often the VOA tell the ratepayer to call us to get a guideline as to the payment reduction before signing agreements. It’s also invaluable inhouse – when we get RV reductions on Council Properties the Accountants want the result before the signature on the IPP’s dried! It also helps with costings/estimates etc. for our new properties. For example when the new Open Air Theatre was being built, I got an estimated RV from SRU, then just input result into Calcurate. Saves manual calcs and setting up stuff in our Test System (which is very time consuming).”

“We Sometimes use the Client Reports to send out with customers letters – neater than a home made spreadsheet”

“A lot of the Agents/Surveyors use Calcurate and so it’s easy to compare like with like. I email them the calcs that I’ve done – it’s good when they actually understand!”

“We check transitional certificate calcs on it all the time – especially when the result on our system is detrimental to the ratepayer.”

“It’s reliable – sometimes our system gets ‘bugs’, so I use it as a backup when things are looking dodgy!”

“I am more than happy to sing the praises of Calcurate!!

I find it is an excellent tool for those ‘what would my bill be if I…

a) had small business relief

b) deferred my payments

c) split my property

An accurate answer can be given often while a customer is on the phone, without having to go into a test system and action the amendment or having to manually calculate hoping your maths is up to speed.”

“As splits, mergers, transitional certificates are all complex beasts it’s great to have that reassurance that the system we use to input them on is correct.”

“I have found it invaluable in providing additional proof to Audit that the bills we produce are correct.”

“We use it most for proving calcs that our system has done when questioned by rating agents.”

“The calcs that your system gives are so much more ‘reader friendly’ than the complex calcs that our system throws out!”

“We also use it to check if transition would apply on some splits etc”

We’re very grateful to the Billing Authority staff who provided the comments above. Some further uses for Calcurate might be:

Quick Calculation Check

Calcurate is an ideal supplement to your billing system as calculations such as RV reductions and increases, Transitional Certificates, Splits, Merges, can be tried before input to the main system.

Training Aid and Transition Explained

Calcurate is also ideal as a training aid as it can clearly illustrate how the total NNDR liability is arrived at and can also explain the calculation of transition. It is also useful in dealing with disagreements with Agents, especially if they use Calcurate themselves. Who Uses Calcurate?

Ideal Supplement to Existing Systems

Calcurate can calculate rate liability and savings on Compiled List reductions, MCC’s, Temporary Allowances, Splits, Merges, Recons, and takes full account of Transitional Arrangements, Certificates, SBRR, Supplements, and occupation dates. It works outside of your existing systems and therefore can be used to check a particular scenario before input to the main system. It is also ideal for “what if” calculations to check the impact of revised RV’s and dates before input.

Calcurate does not require any input of the ratepayer or property details, other than the RV’s, and is therefore very quick and easy to use, and as it works outside of your existing systems it can be used without any danger to existing records.

Calcurate is extremely user friendly, easy to use, and produces accurate calculations of rate liability, savings, and interest on refunds. It has proved to be very useful not only to Rating Agents involved in Rating Appeal work, Business Rates Auditors, and Business Rates Payment Managers, but also Billing Authorities and Occupiers or Owners with a large property portfolio.

A Calcurate package has been produced for each rating list since NNDR was introduced: 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, and 2017

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