4/3/21 – Business Rates 2021/22 Freeze

It has been confirmed that the English non-domestic rating multipliers for 2021/22 will be 0.512 (large) and 0.499 (small).

In Scotland the the Poundage Figure for 2021-22 has been set at 0.490 for Rateable Values up to 51 ,000 and  0.503 for Rateable Values from £51,001 to £95,000 and 0.516 for properties with a Rateable Value over £95,000

In Wales the multiplier for 2021/22 will be 0.535

16/10/19 – September CPI figure suggests estimated English multipliers for 2020/21 of 0.500 and 0.513 but they will actually be 0.499 and 0.512

The September 2019 CPI figure was announced on 16th October as 108.5 which gives a CPI inflation rate of 1.78%.

This should result in a provisional Small Business Non Domestic Rating Multiplier (small UBR) for England in 2020/21 of 0.500 but the government has prescribed it to be 0.499


13/09/19 – City of London Supplement.

The City’s multipliers have been set at 0.497 (49.7p in the £) for small businesses and 0.510 (51p in the £) for other businesses. These are comprised of the multipliers set by the Government and a premium of 0.006 levied to provide additional funding for the Police Service, security, resilience and contingency planning in the City.

business rates multipliers

14/02/19 – 2019/20 English Multipliers (UBR) and Q Value Confirmed.

Non-domestic rating multiplier 50.4p (0.504), Small business non-domestic rating multiplier 49.1p (0.491)
Q has been calculated to 1.023

01/02/19 – New inquiry launched into the impact of Business Rates on business


29/1/19 – Spring Statement date confirmed.  The government will publish its Spring Statement on Wednesday 13 March 2019

17/10/18 – CPI announced, estimated multipliers now available

26/9/18 – Budget 2018 date confirmed – The Government will publish its Autumn Budget on Monday 29 October 2018

2/8/18 2nd August 2018 – The Bank of England raised interest rates today for only the second time in a decade (more)

23/7/18 – Welcome to the new Calcurate website, we hope you like it!

1/7/18 – New Clients. We are very pleased to welcome Dudley MBC and Vail Williams as our newest Calcurate users.

October 2017 – Multipliers (UBR)