Using Calcurate on a Mac

It is possible to use Calcurate on a Mac (as long as you have Excel for Mac), and the calculations will work, but Calcurate is really made for use on Windows so we can’t offer support or guarantee that every feature will work.

The macros used in Calcurate will not function, this is because macros use “Direct X” a framework within Windows that is unavailable for any version of Mac OS.

However, if you would like to try, you need to know the following:

To get the files onto your Mac, you won’t be able to use the ‘Install’ button on the website as it will try to install using a Windows file path.

Therefore you should use the ‘download the files’ option instead of the ‘install Calcurate’ option. The ‘Files’ option on the webpage is simply a zip file containing the individual excel files.

You can download this file and unzip the files onto your Mac and if you have Excel for Mac, the individual files should work. Open the file – ‘s2010plus’ – for the 2010 calculator and ‘s2017’ for the 2017 calculator.