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What is Calcurate Business Rates Software?

Calcurate is an inexpensive, easy to install and easy to use software package which calculates business rates liabilities and savings.  It is an excellent stand-alone rating calculator but is also a useful addition to any existing business rates software system. It is very user friendly and is useful to anyone involved in business rates.

Calcurate for Rating Surveyors

The Calcurate Business Rates Software package is an essential part of the Rating Surveyors toolkit.  Rating Agents regularly use Calcurate to check the potential effects of a change to the rating list before starting a Check, Challenge, Appeal process. Once a rateable value reduction is agreed Calcurate is an excellent way to report the savings and future liabilities to clients.

Calcurate for Rates Management

Many agents offer a Business Rates Liability and Payment service to their clients and Calcurate is an ideal complement to any database system as it is ideal for trying different RV’s, Dates, Transitional Certificate values, in order to determine the reason for discrepancies on NNDR demands at the start of the rate year and revised bills and refunds following alterations to the Rating List.

Calcurate for Billing Authorities

A growing number of Billing Authorities use Calcurate as an independent second check to their billing system to see the affect of complicated or unusual alterations such as those involving Splits, Merges, Recons, Transitional Certificates, Retail Discount, Small Business Rate Relief.  Calcurate is also useful in dealing with queries from ratepayers or their agents as it is easy to see the effect of hypothetical changes or “what if” scenarios without having to use their live system or set up dummy accounts.  Local Authorities also have property portfolios of their own, therefore Calcurate is useful in calculating rate liabilities and savings on their own properties.

Why Should I use Calcurate?

Calcurate Business Rates software is not just for rating surveyors, anyone involved in business rates will find Calcurate useful. Whether you are a Rating Surveyor, a Business Rates Auditor, a Local Government Officer working with NNDR, a Business Rates Payment Manager, or a Property Manager dealing with your own property portfolio, Calcurate Business Rates Calculation Software will make your life easier.

  • Very quick and easy to use – It is quicker and more accurate than a manual calculation, and does not require the prior input required by database systems.
  • Very quick and easy to install direct from the Calcurate website.
  • Intuitive input, no training required – anyone involved in business rates will be able to use it “straight out of the box”.
  • No prior data entry necessary – There is no need to set up any client, property or account details.
  • Used by many professionals involved in Business Rates Appeals, Business Rates Payment Management, and Business Rates Audit work.
  • Used by several Billing Authorities to check complicated calculations.

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