Using Calcurate for the First Time

On Installation

When you first install Calcurate, you may see a warning that “This program might not have installed correctly”.  Calcurate WILL have installed correctly so click the message where shown below.

After installation the menu will open.

The Calcurate Menu should be used to open the required Calcurate calculator.

There are separate calculators for England, Wales, and Scotland and each country has its own calculator for each Rating List (Valuation Roll in Scotland)

2017 Covers the period from 1/4/17 to 31/3/21

2010 Covers the period from 1/4/10 to 31/3/17

2005 Covers the period from 1/4/05 to 31/3/10

First Use – Possible Messages

When you first open Calcurate, you may see some of these warnings or messages:

If you see a yellow bar at the top of the screen, click “Enable Editing” or “Allow Content”

If you are asked if you want to open as READ ONLY, click YES

If you see a “Run-time error”, click END