Why use Calcurate?

Why do Rating Agents (more than 70) , Local Authorities (more than 15), and one Government Department (Valuation Office Agency), find Calcurate so useful?

Because Calcurate gives you a quick answer to both simple and complicated liability calculations without impacting on your main billing system or client database.

Calcurate is an inexpensive easy to use stand-alone rate liability and savings calculator which is also an ideal complement to your existing database or billing system as it allows you to try “what if” scenarios before committing the figures to your main system. Calcurate is not only for Rating Agents and Billing Authorities.  Anyone who deals with business rates will find Calcurate useful.

Calculate Liability and Savings
(single property calculator)

Calculate and Forecast Liability
(property portfolio calculator)

Manage Empty Rates Mitigation*
(single property multiple dates)

Calcurate is very quick and easy to use. There is no need to enter or set up any property data before using Calcurate, simply enter the relevant RV’s and dates and Calcurate will calculate the liability taking account of:

  • Transitional Adjustments
  • Small Business Rate Relief
  • Supporting Small Businesses Relief
  • Local Discretionary Rate Relief
  • Charitable Relief
  • Pub Relief
  • Retail Relief
  • Crossrail Business Rates Supplement
  • Liability start and end dates.

Calcurate is also an ideal complement to your existing database or billing system as it allows you to try “what if” scenarios before committing the figures to your main system.

Calcurate is very user friendly and intuitive. If you have some experience of working in Business Rates you will have no difficulty in using Calcurate.

Calcurate can be used in Rating Appeal work to calculate the savings produced by a Rateable Value reduction (actual or potential). It can be used to check refunds and revised bills. It can be used to calculate interest on refunds. It can produce a professional report to send to your client.

Calcurate can be used in Business Rates Liability and Payment Management to calculate liability, to verify amounts payable, to calculate instalments, to provide forecasts.

Calcurate can be used in Rating Audit work to help identify overpayments and opportunities for savings. It can calculate liability under varying circumstances, for example dates of occupation can be changed and the liability calculation will change immediately. Liability percentages can be changed along with the dates to take account of empty property exemption, or any other factors that may affect the amount payable.

Calcurate can be used by Billing Authorities to check calculations without impacting on the billing system.

Calcurate is a fully featured rating calculator that can handle Compiled list Reductions, MCC’s, Multiple RV Changes, Splits, Merges, Recons, Transitional Certificates, and more.

*Note on Business Rates Mitigation – Owners of Empty Properties may find it financially viable to accept a short term let or a lower rent in order to mitigate their empty rates liability.  The Intermittent Occupation Planner and Calculator shows the business rates savings that could be achieved by letting a property for a shorter term than you might otherwise consider.  In such cases occupation must be genuine and verifiable.

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