Calcurate Memory

Calcurate Memory is a separate Microsoft Excel Workbook (Spreadsheet) which can retain the data from a Calcurate calculation. To store the details simply click the “Add to Memory” button which is on the Basic, Advanced, Split, and Merge calculators. (England 2017 only). Click on the images below for a closer look.


To load a calculation that you have previously stored, click the “Recall a Memory” button.  The “Memory Bank” will open and you will be able to find the required details.  See below

Select the required line – by clicking on it once – then click the “Send to Calcurate” button.


Custom Memory Banks

You can also set up as many “Custom” memory banks as you wish, for clients or projects.  Simply copy a blank memory bank file into a named folder.  To use that memory bank, click the “Select a Memory Bank” button.

A blank “Memory” file can be downloaded from here and should be kept in a suitably named folder which you should create in your “Documents” folder.



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