Multi Recon

click here to download a zipfile containing the 2017 multi recon file

Calculating the liability on a property that was created from a sequence of Splits, Merges and Recons can be very complicated, time consuming and it is quite easy to make a mistake in one stage which is then carried forward to all subsequent stages.

For example, if you need to calculate the liability on a property with an RV of 15,000 but that property was created by the merge of two other properties, and one of those properties was created by the merge of three other properties, which themselves had been created by the split of one property, you would have to perform several “R x J / S” Calculations which can be quite complicated.

The Calcurate Multi-Recon feature makes light work of the most complicated calculations.

In the example above all we need to do is identify the sequence of events and enter the details into Calcurate Multi-Recon

Step One: Draw a diagram (see below)

Step Two: Give each property a number (see below)

Step Three: For each new (or “child”) property, identify which of the other properties were its “parent” (see below)

Step Four: Enter the information into Multi-Recon and click the “Calculate” button

That’s it! – Liability will be calculated on each new property up to the end of the list or the end date you’ve entered.

The 2017 Multi-Recon also shows the R x J / S calculation for each new property in the creation year.

Multi Recon is included with Calcurate 2010 and 2017

The 2017 Multi-Recon has a few of the feature buttons found elsewhere in Calcurate. Click the image below for a close look.

2017 Calcurate – Opens the 2017 Calculator

Unprotect/Protect – Protects or Unprotects the sheet

Clear All – Clear input and results

Calculate – Actions the calculation

Help – Guidance notes

Load Sample Data – Some sample input to illustrate how to use the Multi-Recon calculator

Clear Results – Clears the results but not the input

R x J / S Detail – Gives the R x J/S figures in the creation year for each new property, and the Base Liability to be used in the following year. Ideal for checking or challenging a business rates account.

Delete these Buttons – Deletes the buttons

Copy and Save – Creates a two page (i.e. the property details and the R x J/S details) copy of the Multi-Recon calculator and saves it in the Saved Calculations Folder.

Folder Icon – Open the Saved Calculations Folder

Close – Closes the Multi-Recon Calculator