What is Calcurate?

Calcurate Business Rates SoftwareCalcurate is an easy to use software package that calculates Business Rates liabilities, savings, and interest on refunds. (Interest Rate for refunds is currently zero)

It is used by many Rating Surveyors and Billing Authorities to forecast liabilities, to calculate potential or actual savings , to see the effect of Transitional Certificates, to calculate the effect of reliefs and exemptions such as Retail Relief, Small Business Rate Relief, Supporting Small Businesses Relief, Charitable Relief, and exemption from Empty Property Rates.  It is used by Billing Authorities and Business Rates Payment Managers to check business rates (NNDR) accounts and refunds.

Many firms or solo professionals use Calcurate as their only business rates savings calculator, whereas other agents and billing authorities use it as a supplement to their existing Billing or Appeal Management software.

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