Calcurate History

Calcurate Business Rates Liability and Savings software started out as “The Storey Sons and Parker Rating Workbooks”.  Originally used only in house at SS&P, the “workbooks” as they were sometimes called, were made available to others in 1998.  The first users were Nabarro McAllister, Scarborough Borough Council, and Sanderson Townend and Gilbert. The first packages were sent out by mail on “floppy disks”.

From 1998 to 2009 the workbooks became very popular with other agents and a growing number of billing authorities. Over the years Floppy Disks were replaced by CD’s.

In 2009 the “workbooks” became independent and were re-branded as “Calcurate”.  The first users of “Calcurate” software were Savills and Epsom & Ewell Borough Council.  The first Calcurate website was launched, and Floppy’s and CD’s were replaced by Downloads.

We like to think that Calcurate is now the industry standard, stand-alone, liability and savings calculator. It is used by Rating Agents, Billing Authorities, Business Rates Auditors, and Property Managers. Anyone who deals with Business Rates will find Calcurate useful.

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