Split Calculator

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Show the liability and savings resulting from a Split of one hereditament into up to five

Enter the effective date, the RV’s at 31/3/17 and 1/4/17, and the RV on the day before the Split. Select the appropriate Certificate.  Not sure which? – click the “?”

Clicking the “?” will display the Help message


Enter the RV’s created by the Split, and indicate whether SBRR, Charity, Empty, or Retail apply

Click “Add to Memory” to keep a record of the information you’ve entered – find out more

Click “Calculate”

The results will be shown on the Report page

Create a copy of this calculation as an Excel file or a PDF file. Click a button to launch Microsoft Outlook and automatically create an email with this calculation attached as a pdf of excel file.

Click the “Analysis” button to see the details of the R x J / S (R times J over S) calculation.

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