Merge Calculator

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A quick and easy way to calculate the liability and savings resulting from a merge of (up to) five properties into one.

Enter the RV that is being created from the Merge. Enter the effective date.  If the effective date is 1/4/17 you will be asked for the Certified Value at 31/3/17 if there is one.

If the new property is occupied by a Charity, is Empty, or qualifies for Retail Relief tick the appropriate boxes (see above)

Enter the RV’s of the properties that are being Merged (See below)

If any of the original properties were in receipt of Charitable Relief, were Empty, or receiving Retail Relief, tick the boxes (see below)

Click “Add to Memory” (see below) to keep a record of the information you’ve entered – find out more

Click the “Calculate” button

The results will be shown on the Report page (see below).  In this case there is an overall INCREASE in liability, i.e. a NEGATIVE Saving

Create a copy of this calculation as an Excel file or a PDF file. Click a button to launch Microsoft Outlook and automatically create an email with this calculation attached as a pdf of excel file.

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