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Very quick and easy to use for calculations of liability where the effective date is 1/4/17. Liability can be calculated between any two dates. The figures can be changed from Occupied Rates to Empty Rates at the tick of a box. It can be used where Charitable Relief, Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR), Supporting Small Business Relief (SSBR), Pub Relief, or Local Discretionary Revaluation Relief applies.

Select the LOCATION as England, Greater London, or City of London.  Enter the final prior list RV – the Base Liability will be automatically calculated.  Enter the Rateable Value (RV) as at 1st April 2017, Enter the revised Rateable Value (RV) as at 1st April 2017 and indicate whether Small Business Rates Relief might apply.  The liabilities, including Transitional Relief or Transitional Premium will be displayed for each Rateable Value and the savings over the life of the rating list will be shown

Select any Reliefs  such as Local Discretionary Revaluation Relief, Pub Relief, Charitable Relief, Supporting Small Business Relief or Retail Relief.  If the property is unoccupied tick the Empty box to shoe Empty Rate :Liability rather than Occupied Rate Liability. If the ratepayer is not liable from 1/4/2017 to 31/3/2021 enter the appropriate start and end dates.

Enter the ratepayers name and the property address.  You can add reference numbers and other details that may be used on reports

Create a copy of this calculation as an Excel file or a PDF file. Click a button to launch Microsoft Outlook and automatically create an email with this calculation attached as a pdf of excel file.

Keep a record of the input details by adding them to a “Memory Bank”. Find out more about Calcurate Memory

Go to one of the Report Pages to see the details of the Transitional Calculation, a breakdown of the liability, a report for your records, a less detailed report for a client or ratepayer

Import data from Analyse, or “send” the Postcode to Analyse or the VOA website to see this and other properties. Find out more

Go to the Advanced Calculator

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