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The Advanced Calculator is very versatile. The Advanced Calculator can be used with almost any sequence of events. It can be used to compare two different scenarios and show the liability resulting from each scenario.

The difference between the two is shown as a saving or increase. The Advanced Calculator is also often used simply to calculate liability when there are several RV changes or where Transitional Certificates apply.

The two sides, Original and Revised, or simply Left and Right, are calculated entirely independently of each other. Any scenario can be compared with any other scenario


Select Charity or Retail, Select SBRR if appropriate, or click “All Reliefs” – see below

Transitional Certificates

The Advanced Calculator allows Transitional Certificates to be entered

Multiple Changes

If there are alterations effective AFTER 1/4/17 enter the DATE and the details of the alteration.  Enter one scenario on the LEFT, in order going DOWN the page, enter another scenario on the RIGHT, in order, going DOWN the page.  The two scenarios will be calculated and the difference in liability will be shown as a Saving or Increase.  This example compares the scenario of a property with an RV of 125,000 being occupied, to a scenario in which the RV is reduced to 75,000 with effect from 1/11/18 and then the property becomes vacant on 1/3/19.  The saving is shown below.


See Reports Page

Detailed Liability Breakdown

Click “Advanced Detail” to see the details of the charges and reliefs for each period of time – Click here for Screenshot

Click “More Detail” to see the liability for each period of time – click image below for screenshot

Calcurate Memory – Keep the Details of each Calculation

Click “Add to Memory” to store the input details – find out more

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